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We utilize decentralized technology

By not having to rely on single nodes of transmission like in traditional infrastructure, the RELAY network becomes more secure, flexible, and efficient. 

Cryptography is at the heart of blockchain technology. By offering end to end encryption algorithms and distributed data ledgers, blockchain proves to be one of the most secure forms of digital networking available. As no one node controls the entirety of data, there is no single point of entry for security bypasses or “hacks”. Information that is stored on the blockchain is also not stored on a single node but multiple nodes simultaneously. This makes it near impossible to change the data once it is added.

The Waves blockchain is undoubtedly one of the fastest blockchains in the world. Far surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Waves-NG protocol allows the network to support over 6000 transactions per minute.

Smart contracts built on the Waves platform foster trust and reliability between different parties. Smart contracts are transactional codes that provide rules and conditions that need to met before a particular operation takes place. These contracts can be custom written to fulfill many different functions on the blockchain.

Through the use of RIDE programming language and native API libraries, the RELAY network can be adapted to combine blockchain technology with many different industrial systems. 

"A chain is no stronger than its weakest link."

Thomas Reid


A relay network is a broad class of network topology commonly used in wireless networks, where the source and destination are interconnected by means of some nodes. In such a network, the source and destination cannot communicate to each other directly because the distance between the source and destination is greater than the transmission range of both, hence the need for intermediate node(s) to relay.

"Everything will be tokenized and connected by blockchain one day"

Fred Erhsam


RELAY is a scalable and flexible network that provides tools for data management in the manufacturing industry.

Secure Communication & Document Transfer

We can provide communication through a network more secure than email. Need to send a sensitive document or give access to multiple parties? Simply upload the file and only those with a key may download it!


Eliminate the middleman! Applications provided by RELAY can facilitate a direct interaction between manufacturers and consumers. Save the overhead cost of distribution and give your customers the freedom to design and order their own products.

supply chain verification

Supply chain verification and tracking is essential. This is easily accomplished through the RELAY network. Track the origin of raw materials, prove their certification, ensure quality and transparency, and even offer your customer logistics data unsurpassed by others.

IoT Networking & Analytics

Smart manufacturing grids? Machines and computers that communicate with each other? How about a completely autonomous system that records every bit of data shared that can later be applied to:

-Automated inventory management-

-Time studies-

-Continuous Improvement-

And more!





Payments and Invoices

The RELAY network can be used to provide manual and automated order processing, payment transfer, and invoice records.  

Critical Data Records

Through the combined use of RELAY and cloud databases, a company’s critical data records can be stored through the blockchain allowing them to be secure but accessible from anywhere in the world.

Manage and distribute your records to others through an efficient and secure network.


We work with you to build tools that meet your needs.

Advanced TDS has been formed to be a dynamic service in the blockchain space. We are to identify different barriers to technology in numerous markets and then work to provide solutions to these barriers using blockchain. 

Our Products

Dapps Coming Soon!

Web Dapps

  • Rapid Prototype - Direct-to-consumer 3D Printing
  • Connect - IoT Networking
  • Conveyance - Secure documents & messaging
  • Beacon - Supply chain logistics

RELAY is constantly evolving. Get involved. Stay informed.

Industry 4.0 is here. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Any Waves wallet may store your RELAY tokens. Make sure to visit our wallet links to see what’s currently available!

AdvancedTDS currently offers RELAY for manufacturing based use-cases. However, as we grow and develop, other doors may open and we may choose to build for other industries as well.

Please see our list of current exchanges.

RELAY is a token that is built upon the Waves blockchain. Please see our links to learn more about the Waves platform.


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